Dropouts and pursuers from the Teacher programme

The presentation summarizes and discusses results from a survey in 2013 directed to students who dropped out from the Teacher program at Uppsala University. Students from two cohorts were included in the study (students which started their studies in the fall 2006 and in the fall 2011). From the population of 366 students, 181 completed questionnaires were returned, which corresponds to a response rate of 49 %. However, it was clear that 30 % already had completed the teacher program, but not yet had ordered their diploma officially. 9 % had graduated from another program. In total the dropout rate was 42 % in the 2011 cohort and 50 % in cohort 2006, based on administrative registration data from the university. But, by taking the new information in account from the survey, the dropout rate from cohort 2006 could be reduced to 37 %. The main reasons for dropping out were; 1.realizing that they had made a wrong choice of professional education (38 %) and 2. that they had got behindhand in their studies (25 %), 3. They were uncertain about their choice when they applied for admission (25 %), 4. Low quality on teaching in the program (20 %), 5. Not motivated/tired of studying (20 %) and 6. Lack of more help in students counselling or better teaching (20 %).
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december 27th, 2018

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ECER 2015 Budapest

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