Research Overview

Current projects

Against all Odds – successful schools in superdiverse educational contexts

The project is funded by Swedish Research Council 2023-2025. Research team: Carina Carlhed Ydhag (PI), Ali Osman, Anna Lund & Stefan Lund

Following footprints of resilient youth: successful educational trajectories and transition into higher education

The project is funded by Swedish Research Council 2017-2023. Research team: Ali Osman (PI), Carina Carlhed Ydhag & Niclas Månsson

Previous research projects

National expert in the study ”Drawing the global access to post-secondary education map”

Contributed with Swedish data in a study 2015 initiated by The GAPS (Global Access to Post-Secondary Education) initiative, GAPS is initiated and led by European Access Network and is supported by a consortium of organisations across the world. The aim is to build a global map which illustrates inequality in different countries and how it is measured

National expert in the Study on dropout and completion in higher education in Europe – HEDOCE

Contributed with Swedish data to the EU-project ”Study on dropout and completion in higher education in Europe – HEDOCE”, directed by the research consortium of members from the research groups CHEPS,  University of Twente and Norway, 2014-2015

Graveled expectations or successful reorientations? Switchers and dropouts in higher education 1977-2007

Funded by the Swedish Research Council 2010-2015. Directed by Carina Carlhed.

Carriers of Knowledge Society. The Emergence and Contemporary Significance of Professions in Sweden

Directed by Thomas Brante, Lund University, funded by the Swedish Research Council, 2011-2013

Study loans, wage and wealth within higher education. Social groups and their study financing, 1998-2006

Funded by the Swedish Research Council 2012-2017. Directed by Martin Gustavsson, Stockholm School of Economics, SCORE. Collaborators: Donald Broady, Carina Carlhed and Andreas Melldahl

Sweden’s Relations to France and the US, 1919-2009

Funded by The Swedish Research Council, 2007-2009. Directed by Mikael Börjesson. Collaborators: Dag Blanck, Donald Broady, Carina Carlhed, Alexander Ekelund, Bo G. Ekelund, Ida Lidegran, Mikael Rask Madsen, Andreas Melldahl, Franck Poupeau, Anne Catherine Wagner.

The Glow and Shadows of the Medicine. Doxa and Symbolic Power in the area of Services to Young Children with Disabilities 1960-1980

PhD-project, completed 2007

Mutual demands and expectations in encounters between parents to children with disabilities and professionals within habilitation centers and the school

Pilot study using the theoretical framework elaborated by Pierre Bourdieu during 2007. Funded by Sunnerdahls handikappfond, collaboration with Kerstin Göransson, Mälardalen University.

Dimensions of parent collaboration within habilitation services

Funded by Swedish Research Council 2000 -2003. Directed by: Eva Björck-Åkesson. Collaborators: Mats Granlund and Carina Carlhed, Mälardalen University

PROFECT – Processes and effects of intervention

1999-2000 Directed by: Eva Björck-Åkesson, Mälardalen University