Carina Carlhed has a PhD in Education and was appointed as Associate professor in Sociology of Education at Uppsala University in 2012. Now she holds a position as Assistant professor in Sociology of Education at Stockholm University, Department of Education.

Her research spans critical studies of social structures of dominance within social and professional fields (Education and Medicine) and student social mobility, participation and study success in higher education and scientific knowledge production of student completion in the European policy context. She tries to keeping up an interest towards old research endeavours like Parent – professional collaboration in (re)habilitation services for young children with disabilities or special education settings.

She has a extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methods covering surveys, case studies with mixed methods, interviews, historical analysis using archive material and discourse analysis. Her theoretical ”toolbox” contains primarily theory within Sociology of Education with a solid base in Pierre Bourdieu’s work and inspirations from other scholars in cultural and educational sociology, new institutionalism, discourse theory, sociology of knowledge and sociology of professions and also from the contemporary research field on Higher education.

She was one of the national experts in the EU-project ”Study on dropout and completion in higher education in Europe – HEDOCE”, directed by the research consortium of members from the research groups CHEPS,  University of Twente and NIFU, Norway. Published reports from the project are found here

She also contributes with Swedish data to the international research project ’Drawing the global access to post-secondary education map’ initiated by The GAPS (Global Access to Post-Secondary Education) initiative , GAPS is initiated and led by European Access Network and is supported by a consortium of organisations across the world. The aim is to build a global map which illustrates inequality in different countries and how it is measured.

She collaborates with Ali Osman and Niclas Månsson in a research project ”Following footprints of resilient youth: successful educational trajectories and transition into higher education”, funded by Swedish Research Council 2017-2021.


New article: Carlhed, C. (2016). The Social Space of Educational Strategies: Exploring Patterns of Enrolment, Efficiency and Completion among Swedish Students in Undergraduate Programmes with Professional Qualifications. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research.DOI:10.1080/00313831.2016.1172496

Academic Positions

Assistant Professor in Education, Stockholm University, Department of Education, 2016 – Present

Assistant Professor Sociology of Education, Uppsala University, Department of Education, 2011–2015

Researcher, Uppsala University, Department of Education, 2014–2015

Post Doctoral Research Fellow (Forskarassistent), Uppsala University, Department of Education, Culture and Media, 2010–2014

Senior Lecturer In Education, Mälardalen University, Department of Education, Culture and Communication, 2008–2011

Lecturer in Education, Mälardalen University, Department of Social Sciences, 1996–2007

Education & Training

Docent, Associate Professor in Sociology of Education, Uppsala University, Docent in Sociology of Education, 2012

PhD in Education, Uppsala University 2007

Master in Social Sciences, Mälardalen University, 1998