Next CRISMO seminar

Dear All,

Please find information on next CRISMO SEMINAR (Critical Studies on Mobility ) ” Critical Studies on Mobility” Seminar is a collaboration on research and research seminars between Uppsala University and Stockholm University and The Royal Institute of Technology. The researchers come from different disciplines such as Education, Sociology, Sociology of Education and Science and International and Comparative Education.

Our interest is research on Critical Studies on Mobility. This includes theoretical explorations of the social construction of mobility and its ideological underpinnings and policy processes as well as empirical studies on mobility/lack of mobility of individuals. The prime areas are the Higher Education sector and the Labor Market as well as research into sustainable development.

The next seminar takes place Thursday February 5th, 9.30-12, Uppsala University, Blåsenhus campus, venue 14:327. Ali Osman, Associate professor in Education, Mälardalen University presents an article ”My experience of the Swedish academy- racism or!

Carina Carlhed makes an introduction to the article:  Simmel, G. (2011). Främlingen. Sociologisk forskning 2011,

The article is also available in English: Simmel, G. (1950). The stranger. In Kurt Wolff The Sociology of Georg Simmel. New York: Free Press, 1950, pp. 402 – 408.



Carina Carlhed Edu/UU, Paula Mählck, Edu/Su and Susanne Engström KTH