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Please find information on next CRISMOS SEMINAR (Critical Studies on Mobility Seminar) and Autumn Calendar: 

” Critical Studies on Mobility Seminar” is a collaboration on research and research seminars between two universities, Uppsala and Stockholm, and one research institute, The Nordic Africa Institute. The researchers come from different disciplines such as Education, Sociology, Sociology of Education and Science and International and Comparative Education.

Our interest is research on Critical Studies on Mobility. This includes theoretical explorations of the social construction of mobility and its ideological underpinnings and policy processes as well as empirical studies on mobility/lack of mobility of individuals. The prime areas are the Higher Education sector and the Labor Market as well as research into sustainable development.

Next seminar  :

NB! Change of date to June 11th, 12- 14.30, Nordic Africa Institute, venue: Jacaranda.
Embodied Discursive Geographies of (Im)possible Research Excellence: Academic mobility at the intersection of development aid and research policy Paula Mählck (article manuscript)

Calendar  August – December 2014

August 27th, 9.30-11, Venue Stockholm University, Department of Education, 2527.
presentation of research by PhD, Mikiko Cars, “Education for sustainable society: attainments and good practices in Sweden during the United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainable Development (UNDESD)”

October, 22th, 9.30-11, Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala. Venue: Jakaranda. Paula Mählck makes an introduction to the article by Nirmal Puwar (2001)The Racialised Somatic Norm and the Senior Civil Service, Sociology vol 35 pp 651-670.

December 3rd, 9.30-11, Uppsala University, Blåsenhus campus, venue 14:341. Carina Carlhed makes an introduction to the article: Lawler S. Disgusted subjects: the making of middle-class identitiesThe Sociological Review 2005, 53(3), 429-446. The article is also available in Swedish: Lawler S. ‘Att känna avsmak: Så bildas medelklassens identitet’Fronesis 2007, 24, 131-147.


CRISMOS researchers (alphabetic order)

Carina Carlhed, PhD Education, Associate professor Sociology of Education, post doc (forskarassistent), Department of Education, Uppsala University

Mikiko Cars, PhD Institute of International Education (IIE) and Department of Education, Stockholm University

Vinayagum Chinapah, PhD, Professor and Head of Institute of International Education (IIE)

Susanne Engström, PhD Science, Technology and Mathematics Education, post doc, Sociology of Education, Department of Education, Uppsala University

Fredrik Hertzberg PhD, Department of Education, Stockholm University

Måns Fellesson, PhD Sociology, Researcher, The Nordic Africa Institute

Paula Mählck, PhD Sociology, Researcher, Department of Education, Stockholm University and The Nordic Africa Institute

Ali Osman, PhD Associate professor Education, Department of Education, Mälardalen University


Ongoing research projects (alphabetic order)

Academic Mobility in the Global Knowledge Society: Mobility and Career Paths among Ph.D. Holders in Africa, funded by Swedish Development Cooperation Agency, director Måns Fellesson, co-applicant PhD, Paula Mählck

Excellence, meritocracy and equality in academia – the importance of gender and ethnic background in grant decisions to excellent research environments and in decisions about professor appointments, Funded by Forte, co applicant Paula Mählck

Graveled expectations or successful reorientations? Switchers and dropouts in higher education 1977-2007. Funded by the Swedish Research Council, director Carina Carlhed

Research policy and research practice in the global research economy, Funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR/UVK) director Paula Mählck, co-applicants Keith Pringle, Mehrdad Darvishpour, Måns Fellesson.

Study loans, wage and wealth within higher education. Social groups and their study financing, 1998-2006, Funded by the Swedish Research Council, director Martin Gustavsson, co applicant Carina Carlhed

Wanting to choose and become an engineer –sociological explanations of students’ choice and success in civil engineering education, post doc project, director Susanne Engström



Paula Mählck ( Edu/Su and NAI) and Carina Carlhed (Edu/Uu)


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Omkring hälften av studenterna på civilingenjörsprogram hoppar av

Stöter tekniska högskolor bort studenter som inte kan koderna?

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KAV-konferensen möjliggjorde att två forskningsinriktningar möttes

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Resistances for scientific knowledge production. Presentation at ECER 2016

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New article on the social space and educational strategies

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Please find information on next CRISMOS SEMINAR (Critical Studies on Mobility) ” Critical Studies on Mobility” Seminar is a collaboration […]

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ECER 2015 Budapest

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Next CRISMO seminar

Dear All, Please find information on next CRISMO SEMINAR (Critical Studies on Mobility ) ” Critical Studies on Mobility” Seminar […]

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Dear All, please find information on next CRISMO SEMINAR (Critical Studies on Mobility ) ”Critical Studies on Mobility” Seminar is […]